Right of annulment

Under Danish law, as a consumer, you always have a 14-day cooling-off period in which to exercise your right of annulment if an item is sold by distance selling, e.g. online. This means you are entitled to cancel your purchase, without providing any reason, if the product you purchased from us does not meet your expectations. No transaction is concluded until you have received and accepted your order. You must be entirely satisfied. Otherwise, you get your money back.

As a customer, you are, of course, entitled to try the product at home, to ensure that it meets your expectations. If you return a product unused, with all its manuals, parts, and packaging, within 14 days, the full purchase price will be refunded. The return must be sent in the packaging in which it was delivered. If the quality of the product has been affected by you having handled the product more than is necessary to test its features or functions, a deduction will be made from the refund corresponding to the reduction in the value of the product, and in certain cases, this may mean that you can only get the shipping costs back. If the original packaging is missing, this may also lead to a decrease in the value of the item. The product must be returned within 14 days of you having given notice that you are exercising your right of withdrawal.

When you exercise your right of withdrawal as described above, you will receive a refund from us within 14 days after we have received the product. When you return a product, you must enclose a receipt or other documentation that the product was purchased from us.

For returns, please contact us via the order confirmation you received by email. Please, look at Templates for contact, and copy in and use the “Right of Annulment template” when responding. This template will help us identify your rights. Return freight is arranged and paid for by the customer. 


Our warranty applies if your Windit has rips in the seam connecting the fabric to the mesh netting, or the fabric connected to the surrounding zipper.

Please note that our warranty does not cover the following:

  • Ripped mesh netting
  • Damaged straps
  • Broken buckles
  • Stained fabric
  • Ripped zips
  • Wear and tear
  • Shrinking of fabric 
  • Creased fabric
  • Minor colour deviations
  • External influences
  • Damages caused by accidents
  • Theft

These exclusions are in place because these types of damage are part of extraordinary circumstances and are unlikely to occur under normal conditions if the product is used as intended, and therefore such damages are not covered by this warranty. The warranty complies with the statutory right of complaint, from the date of purchase (also when purchased at a retailer). If your complaint has been accepted, you can expect a repair, a replacement, or a refund, which will be determined after assessing the defective item.

Please prepare pictures of the damage to your item, as well as a description of the damage. You must keep your Windit until the matter is deemed closed by Windit ApS. This is to make it possible to evaluate and inspect the complaint, where necessary.


The right of complaint is governed by the Danish Sale of Goods Act which gives you the right to complain about a product within two years after the date in which you received the product. The complaint period that applies to your purchase depends on applicable law in the country from which you place your order. After one year, you, as a consumer, must prove that the defect, which is the reason why you have filed a complaint, was present at the time of delivery. A complaint must be made as soon as possible after you discover a defect. A reasonable time is given as two months.

For us to accept a complaint, the product must have been used correctly according to the User manual, and the product must not be defective as a result of your handling of it. If you made your purchase at getwindit.com, you should contact us via the order confirmation you received by email. Look at Templates for Contact, and copy in and use the “Warranty Claim Template” when responding. This template will help us identify your rights and reason for the complaint. Please attach any pictures or videos you have that documents the claimed defect. Subsequently, our team will look further into your complaint.

Please note that warranty claims for products purchased from our retailers are handled directly by them.

Return liability

When you exercise your right of annulment, complaint or exchange, you are liable for the goods returned during shipment and are therefore liable for damages to us for goods you return if they are damaged or lost during shipment. As you are liable for goods returned until they have reached our storage. We recommend that you make a note of the parcel tracking number.