Tired of visible sweat stains from your backpack?

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With Windit

An attachment for backpacks - A solution for sweat stains

How does Windit work?

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The reason you get visible sweat stains when wearing your backpack is that it lies flat against your back.

The backpack accumulates additional heat, preventing your natural body heat from escaping. This forces your body to activate the natural mechanism to cool off, which is to produce sweat!

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By attaching Windit to your backpack it creates a small gap between you and your bag.

This gap allows airflow to come between and cool you down, which ensure that you dont end up with a visible wet mark on your shirt.


Getting a visible sweat stain on your back can be both physically uncomfortable and socially embarrassing.

By avoiding this daily occurrence you may not just feel more comfortable but also experience an increase in confidence.

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"It just works! Absolutely brilliant. The back of my T-shirt is 95% drier than before I got Windit. Huge boost in quality of life for something that you do every single morning. I think it's worth it. Was skeptical when I received it, but I could clearly feel the difference from the first bike ride."


Nicholas Gioachini

"When I looked at Windit for the first time, I was a little bit skeptical. I thought that wearing it would feel like it pulls my shoulders. So, I was positively surprised when I tried it out on my back and realized how nice it feels. One of the cool things I really like about Windit is the zipper that allows me to wash it whenever I want to. I think Windit is a convenient backpack tool for anyone, with a gentle shape and a perfect size to fit any daypack."


Nicoline Gisselbæk

“I am happy with how lightweight and minimalistic Windit is. It is shorter than my backpack and comes in black color, so it is not entirely visible, which enhances the minimalistic look. I think it is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things simple and loves practicality.”


Janicke Sæther Olsen

"I love this product. I am delighted to discover that in addition to preventing sweat stains, it also stabilises my backpack, and makes it more comfy when it is heavy."


Johannes Lindsten

"Windit just works great - there is not much more to say than that. I don't understand why this product hasn't been made before!"


Lasse Skaalum

"Super product 👍 I have now been using the Windit for a little over a week and Windit is great when I cycle to work. I think their backpack extension will be a game-changer for anyone who wants to minimize sweat and discomfort during physical activity. I can highly recommend Windit to anyone who wants to be able to meet at e.g. work without being wet from sweat."

The value of Windit

Do not let sweat stains stop you from living your best life.
Windit got your back(pack)!

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