How to avoid sweat stains from your backpack

How to avoid sweat stains from your backpack

How to avoid sweat stains on your clothes from your bike ride

Here in Denmark, we are accustomed to hop on the bike when we need to get from A to B. Cycling is typically better for both you and the planet, but how do you avoid sweat stains on your clothes?

Whether you have a problem with sweat stains on your back from your backpack, sweat stains on your shirt or generally want to know how to avoid sweat stains, the solution is breathability.

In this blog post, we will give you a better understanding of why you get sweat stains and bring you 3 suggestions on how you can avoid the wet stains by creating breathability.

How to avoid sweat stains?

Sweat is a natural process, there is no way around it. But although it is natural, few people want to arrive at work with wet sweat stains under their arms or on their back from their backpack.

Fortunately, we can influence the process, when we allow our bodies to breathe.

  1. Avoid clothing that restricts breathability
  2. Slow down at the end of the bike ride
  3. Get the backpack off your back

What does cycling do to the body?

Sweat is the body's natural way of cooling down. Therefore, the reason why you sweat more when you cycle is that the body tries to regulate your body temperature. But sweat isn't the only way to cool off. Fresh air, and particularly wind, also cools the body. When you are not cooled by the wind, you experience getting particularly sweaty in areas with limited breathability, such as the armpits and back, when wearing a backpack.

An image of a young man riding a bicycle with a backpack using Windit- backpack spacer to avoid sweats stains on the back

Breathability is the solution to avoid sweat stains during the bike ride

When you cycle, you have the opportunity to use the wind to cool you, instead of provoking your body to sweat more. But the wind can only cool you down if you give it the ability to.

1. Avoid clothing that restricts breathability

We all know the feeling of cycling in rain gear and getting almost as wet under the clothes as above. Because it's typically made from a non-breathable material, it becomes a surefire way to get drenched in sweat.

Of course, you don't cycle in rain gear every time, but exaggeration promotes understanding. Make sure your clothing choice is not too tight, or made of a material that removes your chance of being cooled by the wind.

2. Slow down at the end of the bike ride

Unfortunately, there is not always a direct correlation between wind and the fact that you can avoid sweat stains on your clothes. The harder you pedal, the more your body temperature rises. So make sure to slow down the last 5-10 minutes of your bike ride. It gives your body the ability to regulate the temperature, while you still have a fresh air flow to cool you.

3. Get the backpack off your back

When it comes to sweat stains, the backpack is one of the biggest culprits. When the backpack lies flat against your back, heat cannot dissipate, leaving your body with one solution to cool itself - sweat. Getting the backpack off your back allows your body to breathe and the wind flow to cool you down.

Copenhagen-located photo showing how to avoid sweat stains by wearing Windit

Avoid sweat stains on your clothes with the right equipment

If your bike allows it, you can install a front rack or bike basket, which gives you the option of getting the backpack off your back. Other alternatives such as Windit, which can be attached to your backpack, also give your body the opportunity to breathe by creating an air space between your back and the backpack.

Depending on whether you want a solution for your bicycle or for your backpack, there is undoubtedly an appropriate solution so that you can avoid sweat stains on your clothes in the future. The common denominator for all is that they involve breathability.