Revolutionise Your Ride! 4 Innovative Bike Gadgets You Need Right Now

Revolutionise Your Ride! 4 Innovative Bike Gadgets You Need Right Now

Revolutionise Your Ride!

4 Innovative Bike Gadgets You Need Right Now

Biking has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation in recent years, with more people choosing to bike to work or run errands instead of driving. And with biking being one of the most sustainable ways of commuting - We are all here for it! 

However, biking is not always easy. Sometimes, you might be facing a big hill, you're sweaty and tired, or your legs are just saying no. But fear not! With the rise in biking popularity comes a corresponding increase in cool biking gadgets and accessories. Therefore, we have gathered our four favourite new bike gadgets that will revolutionise your ride, and take your biking game from zero to hero. 

  • SmartHalo: The Ultimate Bike Computer

Want to cycle with a friend? Well, let us introduce you to SmartHalo. SmartHalo is a bike computer that does much more than just track your speed and distance. Designed and created by cyclists, SmartHalo is an all-in-one device that attaches to your handlebars. It provides turn-by-turn navigation to help you discover new routes, a headlight to light your way, and an alarm system to deter bike theft. The device is controlled through an app on your smartphone and can easily be connected to your other smart devices. It's almost like having a personal assistant for your bike, minus the attitude. And with the sleek, minimalist design it will look great on any bike!

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  • Hovding Helmet: The Airbag Helmet

Wanna look stylish, but stay safe when cycling? Well, look no further! Hovding revolutionised the helmet and use airbag technology to provide protection in the event of a crash. The helmet is worn around the neck and deploys into a full head and neck airbag in the event of an accident. According to Hovding, the helmet has been extensively tested and provides superior protection compared to traditional helmets. It's also incredibly comfortable to wear and doesn't interfere with your vision or hearing. The Hovding Helmet is perfect for those who want safety and comfort while biking.


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  • Windit: No More Sweat Stains

When commuting with a bike, wearing a backpack is the most convenient choice. However,  it can also lead to an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem: sweat stains on your shirt. Windit is a new gadget that solves this problem. It's a small, lightweight device that attaches to your backpack and creates a small gap between your back and the backpack. This gap allows air to circulate and reduces the amount of sweat that would otherwise accumulate on your back. With Windit, you can arrive at your destination looking fresh and clean, without worrying about unsightly sweat stains. So, leave your extra shirt at home cause Windit got you covered! 


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  • Insta360 One R: The All-Capturing Bike Camera 

Now that you and your bike are all geared up for an epic ride, you have no choice but to capture this moment. That means it is time to introduce you to one of the best bike cameras out there. The name Insta360 One R might not roll off the tongue, but it will for sure have you covered as it has everything you would want from a bike camera. The Insta360 One R comes with multiple mounting options, a range of lenses and batteries, as well as a selfie stick. More so, it can be set on a loop recording which allows you to ride your bike with an additional safety measure as well as an action cam. And last but not least, the ability to connect with your smartphone has made editing and sharing easier than ever!

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These four bike gadgets will have you covered and are sure to enhance your biking experience, whether you're a day-to-day commuter, weekend warrior, or serious cyclist. From Windit, which will keep your ride comfortable and dry,  to Insta360 One R, which will capture your memorable experiences, there's something for every type of rider. So why not upgrade your bike with one of these cool gadgets and take your biking to the next level?