Die Geschichte von Windit

Vom Kartonmodell zu einer neuen Produktgeneration für Rucksäcke.

Die ursprüngliche Idee

Windit ist die Folge zu vieler Fahrten zur Uni, wo wir mit einem nassen Rücken aus unseren Rucksäcken ankamen.

An einem Spätfrühlingsnachmittag versuchte Peter verzweifelt, seinen Rucksack vom Rücken zu heben, um Wind zu bekommen, der ihn abkühlte, und so entstand die Idee, einen Rucksackabstandshalter zu entwickeln!

The 1st Prototype

An idea has to take shape somehow and to communicate the concept of getting space between the user and their backpack we started out with a simple cardboard prototype.

The 2nd Prototype

Nicknamed 'The Spinestabber', our second prototype was less comfortable than ideal but it got the job done.

Although it was not pleasant to wear or look at, we learned that it is possible to avoid sweat stains simply by creating a gap between the backpack and the wearer.

The 3rd Prototype

With a keen focus on maintaining the functionality, our 3rd prototype aimed to make Windit more comfortable to wear.

Handmade with help from friends and family, our 3rd prototype certainly was not aesthetically appealing - but it was functional & comfortable to wear!

Many pivots later

In the attempts to make Windit more aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the functionality and comfort we achieved the Windit you see today.

It is designed to match the size of a daily backpack while the curvature stays well aligned along your back.

Stay dry!

The Windit of today

Das Team hinter Windit